Dental CBCT Machine

CBCT Cone Beam Scanner

Modern technology is advancing at such a rapid pace! As a result, your dentist in Salt Lake City, UT, can now serve patients in whole new ways. In fact, dental technology today is truly amazing. What’s more, one of the latest advanced imaging devices is the cone beam scanner. This cutting-edge equipment has revolutionized how Dr. Cold can determine a diagnosis.

Dental Cone Beam Scanner in Salt Lake City, UT

The CS 9600 cone-beam system at Warm Family Dental in 84123 gives Salt Lake practice state-of-the-art technology. This helps our team diagnose budding or existing issues more accurately. As a result, your Salt Lake City dentist can provide more accurate treatment. Unlike a traditional CT scanner, CS 9600 is a 3-dimensional system that uses cone beam CT technology. This valuable tool provides clear, precise digital images with minimal radiation exposure.

Furthermore, this new imaging system enables us to obtain a wider range of diagnoses and treatments. We can do so in-house with fewer office visits. The CS 9600 scanner in Salt Lake allows your dentist to select the best scanning area or field of view. The approach can be targeted to suit your specific needs. Since the focus is only on your area of concern, this helps minimize radiation exposure.

CS 9600 at Warm Family Dental

The CS 9600 system brings the newest 3D dental technology to Warm Family Dental. The anatomical detail it provides is second to none. In addition, this clear visualization aids in diagnoses and treatment planning. Cone beam technology also helps us to explain the ins and outs of your case better and answer any questions. The skilled and experienced team at Warm Family Dental can use CS 9600 to share 3D images with your referring doctor quickly and easily. This allows your physicians to collaborate on your healthcare, enhancing your experience, and achieving the best possible treatment outcome.

Having the ability to view your oral cavity in 3D is an invaluable advantage for you and Dr. Cold. It helps your Salt Lake dentist determine which approach to use in treatment.

Xray of Dental  Machine
Xray of Dental Teeth
Xray of CBCT Machine
Xray of Teeth at Warm Family Dentistry
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