Dental Implants in Salt Lake City, UT

If you require replacement teeth to fix severely damaged or missing teeth, titanium dental implants might be the best solution. At Warm Family Dentistry, Dr. Scott Cold provides full dental implants and permanent teeth implants that naturally fuse to your jawbone and uphold prosthetics that look and act like your natural teeth. To learn more about dental implants in Salt Lake City, UT, and to know how they work, set up a consultation with our dental implant dentist in Salt Lake City, Utah today. We provide dental implant treatment to nearby areas including Taylorsville, West Jordan, Salt Lake City, and Murray, UT.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, which looks like a small post and holds a replacement tooth where your natural tooth was.

Made of titanium, a biocompatible material that fuses naturally to your jawbone, a dental implant permanently replaces the root of the dead, damaged, or diseased tooth. Dental implants in Utah are a good option if you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth due to injury or tooth decay.

Dr. Cold uses cutting-edge MIS® angular dental implants that can support crowns, bridges, and dentures to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are an excellent treatment preference for nearly anyone who needs teeth replaced, whether you’ve lost one or many teeth.

How does getting a dental implant work?

Dr. Cold first uses anesthesia to numb the treatment area. Then, he uses specialized, advanced tools to drill through your jawbone to surgically place your implant. Afterward, you may experience some swelling, and you should avoid hard foods while you heal.

Over time, usually 5-6 months, your implant naturally fuses to your jawbone during a process called osseointegration. During this time, Dr. Cold may give you a temporary crown, bridge, or dentures to help with chewing and speaking. He continues to monitor your progress with follow-up visits until you’re ready to get your permanent dental crown, bridge, or dentures fitted on top of your implant.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Missing teeth don’t just affect your appearance. Gaps in your smile can cause the gradual shifting of surrounding teeth and lead to problems with your bite. Dental implants are often a permanent solution to the problem of one or more missing teeth.

Dental implants offer many benefits, including:

  • Allowing you to eat any type of food you like
  • Not damaging your remaining natural teeth
  • Stimulating bone growth just like natural teeth
  • Comfortable like natural teeth roots
  • Promoting a healthy jawbone
  • Won’t shift around while speaking or eating
  • Easy to maintain
  • Not susceptible to cavities
  • Preserving your facial structure

How long do dental implants last?

As long as you practice good oral hygiene, brush, and floss regularly, and maintain regular dental checkups, there’s no reason your dental implants shouldn’t last a lifetime. They’re very durable, and you just need to care for them like you would your natural teeth.

If you’re interested in discovering more about dental implants in Utah, call or use the online booking tool and make an appointment with Warm Family Dentistry today.

Our dentist in Salt Lake City, Utah, also serves as a notable dentist serving Kearns, Midvale, Taylorsville, and Holladay.

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