Denture Alternative – NU Teeth Next™

If you have missing teeth, you have more options available to you to restore your smile than just using dentures. One option is with NU Teeth Next™, a denture alternative with dental implants. Scott Cold, DDS, a dentist in Salt Lake City, provides this solution to patients looking for a tooth restoration solution. It involves having dental implants support an acrylic implant bridge. Learn more about this procedure at our dental office near you in Salt Lake City.

What is NU Teeth Next™?

While dentures are usually removable, NU Teeth Next™ is a fixed solution to dentures. It stays in the mouth permanently after it is attached to dental implants and effectively replaces natural teeth and dentures. The acrylic implant bridge looks like natural teeth and gums and, because it is supported by dental implants, it feels almost like natural teeth as well. This means that you will have all of your function restored to your teeth with this treatment. Dr. Scott Cold provides this smile makeover treatment in a safe and comfortable setting in Salt Lake City. NU Teeth Next™ is the next best option. When you receive treatment at our dentistry near you in Salt Lake City, you have the option to upgrade to the NU Teeth Now™ option.

Why Choose Acrylic?

Acrylic is a fairly durable material, and it can be shaped and colored to look like natural teeth. Though it is not as strong as zirconia, it is an effective material and can be more affordable for patients.

Procedure for Dental Implants

Before the acrylic implant bridge can be fixed, the dental implants must be put in place. This will require some surgery to have the metal posts inserted into the jawbone. You will then require a healing period of about four months to give the implants time to fuse completely with the surrounding jaw bone. When this process is complete, Dr. Cold can attach the NU Teeth Next™ to the implants to fully restore your smile.

Is NU Teeth Next™ Right for Me?

To learn whether this solution is the best for you, make an appointment for a consultation at our dentistry in Salt Lake City. Dr. Cold will be able to examine your teeth and make the best recommendation for you.

Structure of NU Teeth
Denture NU Teeth
Denture Alternative

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