Emergency Dentist in Salt Lake City, UT

Injuries can happen in a matter of seconds, and minutes can change the effectiveness of treatment. It is important to know exactly when you should visit Emergency dentist in Salt Lake City, UT is the best in the local area. If you experience a dental emergency, find an emergency dentist open now and seek emergency dental treatment.

Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dental Office

Knowing exactly what you need makes it easy to avoid unnecessary trips to an emergency dental office. The severity of your injury can warrant a trip if the tooth is knocked out, broken, or cracked. If the crack is severe, it may require emergency dental services. Other reasons to visit an emergency dentist near you in Salt Lake City, UT would be if a large tooth is missing or if the tooth has nerve damage. If it is completely knocked out, then medical care at an emergency dental clinic is needed.

Instructions for a Knocked-Out Tooth

Teeth that are knocked out should be handled as little as possible. If you can push it back into the socket, do so and bite down on the area with a wet tea bag or moistened gauze. Keep the tooth in a container of either milk or your saliva until you can meet with a dental professional. A compress can help manage to bleed from the socket of the missing tooth.

Sometimes patients may experience pain that does not have a clear cause. Warm Family Dentistry can assist in finding the underlying cause of severe tooth pain. If you are experiencing pain, schedule emergency dental care at Warm Family Clinic in Salt Lake City. Our dental staff is skilled and experienced enough to handle any injury of affliction that your teeth are suffering from.

In addition to our office in Salt Lake City, we also serve those seeking an emergency dentist near Taylorsville, Kearns, Murray, West Jordan, and West Valley City, making us one of the most convenient dental offices in the area. Schedule an appointment at one of our dental offices or come in for emergency dental treatment in Salt Lake City, UT.

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