What Happens If You Have Swallowed a Dental Crown?


You might swallow a dental crown if the adhesive holding the crown to the underlying tooth wears off, leaving you confronting a situation you never thought possible. The problem results from loose crowns not being restored by visiting a dentist to avoid dental anxiety or other reasons.

Swallowing a dental crown is not a great situation but compels you to schedule an appointment with dental crowns in Salt Lake City, UT, for a replacement to protect your tooth from further damage. However, what do you do with the crown in your stomach? Besides scheduling an appointment with your dentist for a new problem, you might also have to visit a gastroenterologist as soon as possible. However, a swallowed dental crown is not a severe medical emergency.

Where Could Your Dental Crown Be in Your Tummy?

Your digestion has a pace of its own and will not increase the speed of digestion merely because you have swallowed a crown. The dental restoration will remain lost in your upper digestive tract enjoying your stomach acids for about 12 hours before moving downwards in a couple of days for the inevitable departure from your bowels.

The entire procedure may require about 48 hours, depending on the state of your intestines and the blockage present in them. You might not dispose of the swallowed dental crown for weeks in some cases. However, you must get to a medical professional to get an x-ray done to determine where the crown is lodged in your intestine.

After getting an x-ray, the medical professional will determine the future course of action. The dental crown will pass through the intestine if it is safe or needs surgical removal. However, dental crowns rarely cause any problems and should move out of your body without causing complications.

Potential Complications

Various materials help make dental crowns, including gold, stainless steel, and porcelain. The materials are safe and will not corrode in the body or release any harmful byproducts. Dental crowns are not digestible and will settle in your intestinal tract finding a place for itself and allowing you to pass it without complications. It indicates you merely need to exercise patience and wait until you hear metallic sounds in the toilet bowl unless you decide to regurgitate it and look for the crown.

Whether you throw up to crown or not, using the option is beneficial because you immediately have your restoration back in your hands. It provides you peace of mind knowing a new dental crown will not set you back by $ 800 or more from the dentist in Taylorsville, UT, besides multiple dental appointments. If you manage to throw up the dental restoration, you can have your dentist fix the dental crown over your tooth without remaining concerned about getting a new restoration. However, you must schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to ensure your tooth doesn’t shift position to render a perfectly fitting crown useless.

What If You Cannot Regurgitate the Dental Crown?

If you cannot regurgitate the dental crown, your next best option is to look for restoration in your stools. You might find looking down your stools for the restoration objectionable, but the high prices of dental crowns will undoubtedly compel you to look for your crown whenever you enter the bathroom for your next bowel movement.

The restoration will likely not show up for at least 12 to 14 hours. However, it causes no harm to look for the dental crown to establish a routine to ensure you don’t overlook or inadvertently lose the crown by neglecting to look for it.

You might require 36 to 48 hours until you pass your last meal. The delay in digesting your previous meal might not play a significant role when you pass your dental crown. However, if you haven’t recovered the dental restoration by 36 to 48 hours, it doesn’t make sense for you to continue looking at your stools for extended periods. Instances are documented to confirm some dental crowns require at least five days to pass while others remain in the stomach for seven to ten days.

While your dental crown rests in your tummy, enjoying all the foods you have, you cannot relax waiting for it to appear unexpectedly. You must consider getting a new crown over your tooth without wasting time by visiting the Taylorsville dentist to protect your tooth against any damages that might require intensive treatments.

If you have swallowed a dental crown and need help to cool yourself, Warm Family Dentistry can help you provide new dental restorations in the shortest time possible to safeguard your tooth.