3 Reasons Why Invisalign May Be the Solution For You

3 Reasons Why Invisalign May Be the Solution For You

Dec 28, 2018

If you’re considering orthodontics for yourself or for your child, the market has changed quite a lot over the past few decades. Whereas metal braces were the standard option, increasingly dentists and patients are beginning to embrace alternatives. These alternatives come with their own pros and cons, and the best way to begin your search for the ideal solution for you is to understand the benefits. In this post, Warm Family Dentistry uncovers the benefits of Invisalign.

Invisalign is Discreet and Efficient

Invisalign was designed to solve the problem of visible braces, which often leads to self-confidence concerns. While we think everyone looks great in braces, it’s understandable that not everyone will want metal braces. Invisalign utilizes clear trays which are virtually invisible and sit comfortably on your teeth. They do not interfere with talking or smiling. They also tend to be completed in 12 to 15 months of wear, which is shorter than traditional braces, and require fewer visits to your dentist.

No Restrictions to Your Diet

With traditional braces, a lot of foods which may get stuck in the metal braces, or may damage the braces, are restricted. These include sticky foods, hard foods, crunchy foods, gum—the list goes on. But with Invisalign, the trays are removable, which means you can continue to enjoy your diet. It’s also easy to brush and floss, since you simply remove the trays and make no changes to your routine.

Lastly, if you’re wondering if children may opt to not wear their trays since they’re removable, there is a built-in feature to avoid this. Tiny dots wear away with use—if the dots don’t wear away, it signals a lack of use.

Reclaim Your Confidence

If you need an orthodontic fix for your smile, it’s important to not delay. Many of the reasons for orthodontics can lead to worse problems down the road. With modern implements, such as Invisalign, all the negatives associated with braces can be overcome. The best way to learn more is to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Choose the experienced care of Warm Family Dentistry, experts in everything orthodontics, to ensure your oral health for years to come.

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