A Small Briefing on Dentures

A Small Briefing on Dentures

Nov 01, 2020

Teeth are the first thing that gets noticed when you smile and a confident smile always puts a beautiful charm on your face. Good alignment and clean teeth are something that everyone wants. Sometimes people have misaligned teeth or unfortunately they break in accidents.

But thankfully we are living in a world where dentistry is developed and has corrective solutions no matter how critical teeth issues you have. Although there are thousands of denture procedures available based on a particular dental issue.

What is Denture?

Dentures are the artificial teeth that are created by your doctor. It fills up the vacant space created in your mouth because of the loss of a tooth. There could be any reason for such loss including severe gum infection or some accident. When it comes to denture it is categorized in full or partial.

People sometimes want to replace one or two and in some cases, they require to replace all teeth. The procedure is quite easy but doesn’t forget to contact a reliable and experienced dentist. After all, it’s a matter of your smile.

Types of Dentures

There are so many types of dentures available depending upon an individual’s needs and requirements.

1. Full or Complete Denture

A complete denture is the entire set of teeth replacement inside the mouth. The replaced teeth look exactly like a natural set of teeth and they function like them as well. People prefer to have them because they restore facial structure and let them smile at them again.

It is a normal process and patients take some time to get adaptive to the new false teeth. A normal cleaning routine could be used to keep them healthy and to give them a long life.

In general, the age group above 65 is the ideal patient for the procedure. But in exceptional cases, younger ones may also require full denture.

2. Fixed Partial Denture

These implants are also called the implant-supported bridges. Zirconia implant bridges are not removable like traditional bridges. Dentists make them fit inside the mouth permanently. They look and function like the natural ones.


  • Improved facial aesthetics
  • Patients feel secure and these dentures last for long
  • They are robust and permanent solutions for lost teeth
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Best in the functioning and are quite similar to natural teeth
  • A bit costly but people prefer to have them

As the process is a bit complex, so try to choose a dentist with good qualifications and merits.

3. Removable Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are considered to replace two or more teeth instead of a full set of teeth. They are cost-effective and are easy to place. This is an easy procedure and patients prefer them because they are cost-effective. There are two types of partial dentures available:

  • Cast partial denture
  • Acrylic Partial denture

How to Take Care of Dentures After Placement?

Take care of your dentures with our tips:

Follow Your Doctor

After the placements of bridges inside your mouth, all the dentists give some instructions that patients should follow no matter what. No doubt you are excited and happy with your new looks but in the happiness don’t forget to take care of them properly. After all, you want to maintain this new smile for long!

Avoid Chewing of Ice

Ice is really hard and can break bridges. So, avoid all the hard things that can cause breakage. Always keep in mind dentures are artificial teeth. One has to be careful about what you are eating, doing and how it will impact them.

Maintain Brushing Routine

Bridges require brushing like your natural teeth to keep them healthy and clean one has to keep up with a regular brushing routine.

Make Sure to Use Fluoride Rinse

No matter if they are your natural teeth and artificial ones; one has to prevent bacteria build up in their mouth. It is because it is the root cause of any oral infection and diseases.

It is something that causes maximum harm to teeth and gums. Fluoride rinse stops the formation of bacteria and vanishes all the issues that can create trouble for the patients.

Warm Family Dentistry is a qualified place where one can get immediate Dentures Salt Lake City. You can seek us for denture alternatives as well. To know more freely, contact us at any time.

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