All Tied Up: What Every Mom Needs to Hear About Tongue and Lip Ties

All Tied Up: What Every Mom Needs to Hear About Tongue and Lip Ties

May 15, 2019

When a baby is born, only milk is the source which could help it get proper nourishment but what if a baby is facing issues in feeding. One or two month’s baby can’t express its problems but there may be many reasons for this.

One of the obvious reasons for this issue can be gum and lip ties. Some kids are born with attached lip and gum and for them; feeding and eating can be difficult for days. This can also create a hindrance for lactation.

The Hard Part

In such cases, the parents must not delay their visit to an expert surgeon who can provide necessary solutions with right treatment. In such cases, the baby is given anesthesia in the affected area and then with the help of surgical scissor, lips and gums are separated.

Parents must stay calm because this may involve blood and a child’s scream. After the surgery, mother is suggested to feed to comfort the baby. In just few minutes, the kid may calm down and may pursue regular feeding.

Getting Educated

It is very essential to get educated about such issues at the right time because if left untreated, it may cause further issues like tooth decay, jaw pain, crocked tooth and digestion issues in kids. One must consult an expert to know about the solutions and consequences of such issues.

Further, a doctor may also suggest necessary treatment and exercises to avoid attachment back again. Education for lip and gum ties issues is necessary because pediatrics may miss to check it while at the time of birth of the baby.

Relief for Baby, Relief for Mama

If your kid is facing issues in eating or feeding and has issue to feed properly, you must check for lip or tongue ties issues. There are various advanced procedures which can treat such issues. With such solutions, your kid will no longer face any issue eating and you can enjoy relief from the stress of your kids forever.

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