Can You Whiten Your Naturally Yellow Teeth?

Can You Whiten Your Naturally Yellow Teeth?

Oct 01, 2021

Everyone dislikes looking at yellow and discolored teeth when they view themselves in the mirror. However most people don’t realize yellowing of the teeth results from their daily diet. Eating anything pigmented foods like berries, spaghetti sauce, red wine, coffee, and green tea causes your teeth to appear yellow over time.

You may display the yellow shade of your teeth even if you maintain excellent dental hygiene after having the foods and beverages you prefer. However this blog has some positive news for you that whitening yellow teeth is not as challenging as believed earlier.

Please do not assume over-the-counter whitening toothpaste or strips and gels will help you get the whiter teeth you desire. You must look for and find providers offering teeth whitening services in clinics instead of shopping for at-home whitening treatments. When you think about teeth whitening services do not consider any professional suitable for your needs. The optimal professional for whitening your teeth is a professional with knowledge about dental anatomy. It means you have to find dental professionals offering these services to whiten your teeth.

Are Teeth Naturally Yellow?

Your teeth have a strong outer layer called enamel which is prone to develop surface stains over time. The stains caused by the foods and beverages you have in most cases. However some people have teeth appearing naturally yellow irrespective of the kind of foods they have. It is because the dentin layer beneath the enamel is naturally yellow. The color of the dentin is barely visible for some while in others who have thinner enamel the yellow shade appears more visible.

Can You Whiten Naturally Yellow Teeth?

Whitening naturally yellow teeth is also possible. However as mentioned earlier you cannot rely on any product or provider promise you whiter teeth. Your best bet to get the whiter teeth you desire is to search for a dental teeth whitening professional understanding your situation and providing treatments suitable for your specific situation.

Over the past few years teeth whitening is a treatment demanded by many people. The increasing demand for teeth whitening has encouraged many producers and non-dental professionals to offer treatment for yellow teeth not authenticated by dental professionals. Most products available over-the-counter are best suited for everyday use and not for desire instant results. Non-dental professionals offering teeth working services will likely cause more harm than do any good when you try to whiten your yellow teeth from them. Therefore you must choose wisely and carefully to ensure you deal with a qualified dentist providing teeth whitening treatments for yellow teeth using tested and proven procedures to deliver results within the hour.

How to Get Your Teeth Whitened within the Hour?

If you visit a qualified professional providing a dental teeth whitening procedure it confirms you are talking to a dentist and not anyone who has set shop in the market to cash in on the demand for teeth whitening.

Before starting the procedure for whitening your yellow teeth the dentist you approach for the treatment will examine your teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy before proceeding with the treatment. Firstly you receive a dental cleaning for plaque and tartar removal because the also contribute to teeth discoloration.

After ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy and cleaning them your dentist finally begins the whitening procedure protecting the soft tissues in your mouth with cheek retractors and a rubber dam over your gums. After you are adequately protected the dentist applies a bleaching ingredient of hydrogen peroxide to begin whitening your teeth. The peroxide application happens four times during the hour and is suctioned off every 15 minutes for a new application. To accelerate the bleaching ingredient heat and light are used by the dentist. At the end of the hour you are asked to rinse your mouth and given fluoride treatment to reduce any sensitivity in your teeth.

The dentist evaluates the color of your teeth after the bleaching process which would have left with whiter teeth by three to eight shades. If you wish to maintain the results of the dentist provided teeth whitening trays and gels and continue using them at home to keep your teeth looking brighter and whiter longer. However you must ensure you stay away from the staining foods and beverages you were having at least limit them if you do not want to receive regular expensive teeth whitening treatments from dentists.

One technique you can use to maintain the appearance of your smile in whiter condition is to safeguard the thickness of your enamel to ensure the dentin beneath doesn’t show itself. It means you must avoid toothpaste or related products containing activated Charcoal and other ingredients harmful to the enamel. Make every effort to ensure your tooth enamel remains in optimal condition if you want to have a brighter smile like everyone without displaying yellow teeth. Unfortunately if you develop yellow teeth for any reason the best option for you to have the situation corrected is to seek help from a professional dentist and none other.

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