How Do I Get Rid of the Black Around My Crown?

How Do I Get Rid of the Black Around My Crown?

Mar 06, 2024

You’re not alone if you’ve noticed black discoloration around your dental crown. Many individuals with crowns for teeth or teeth caps may encounter this issue at some point. However, the good news is that there are solutions to address this problem and restore your smile’s natural beauty. Warm Family Dentistry, a leading crown specialist in Salt Lake City, UT, can help you remove the black around your crown and regain confidence in your smile.

Understanding the Black Around Your Crown

Before diving into the solutions, it’s essential to understand what causes the black discoloration around dental crowns. Several factors contribute to this issue:

  1. Gum Recession: The gums may recede over time, revealing the metal or dark material used to create the crown base. This can create a dark line at the gumline, causing a black appearance.
  2. Metal Crowns: Older dental crowns were made with metal alloys as the base. They could show through over time, leading to black discoloration.
  3. Poor Fit: If a dental crown doesn’t fit properly or there are gaps between the crown and your tooth, it can trap food particles and bacteria, resulting in black staining.
  4. Decay or Infection: Any underlying decay or infection near the crown can cause dark spots.

Solutions for Getting Rid of the Black Around Your Crown

  1. Replace the Crown: If your crown is old, made of metal, or doesn’t fit properly, Warm Family Dentistry can replace it with a more aesthetically pleasing option. Modern dental crowns in Salt Lake City, UT, are often made of materials like porcelain or ceramic, which look like the natural teeth and won’t cause black discoloration.
  2. Address Gum Recession: If you suffer gum recession, Warm Family Dentistry is available with advanced gum recession treatment options to preserve the health and appearance of your gums. This can help eliminate the black line and improve the overall aesthetics of your smile.
  3. Treating Underlying Issues: If there are underlying issues such as decay or infection, our experienced dental team will address these problems first. Once the oral health issue is resolved, we can focus on amending the appearance of your crown.
  4. Professional Cleaning: Regular professional dental cleanings can help remove surface stains and prevent further discoloration around your crown.
  5. Maintenance and Oral Care: Brush, floss, and rinse your mouth thoroughly and daily. This way you can easily prevent future issues with your dental crown. Our team can guide you in maintaining the appearance of your crown.

Warm Family Dentistry, your trusted crowns specialist in Salt Lake City, UT, is always at your service so that you can attain a beautiful and healthy smile. We understand the importance of feeling confident in your dental restorations, and we offer personalized solutions to address any concerns you may have about black discoloration around your crown.

Don’t let black discoloration around your crown affect your smile and self-confidence. Contact Warm Family Dentistry today to set up your consultation and learn how we can remove the black color around your crown so that you can proudly show off your smile. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to assisting you on your journey to a more radiant smile.

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