How Do You Know When Your Bridge Needs To Be Replaced?

How Do You Know When Your Bridge Needs To Be Replaced?

May 01, 2023

The bridge comprises false teeth connected with metal posts and bonded to your natural teeth with a strong, flexible composite resin material.

The main goal of a bridge is to restore your ability to chew and speak by replacing the missing or damaged teeth. A bridge also enables you to eat soft foods and drink from straws. If a single tooth is not replaced with an implant, this can lead to problems with chewing and swallowing food properly and increased stress on adjacent teeth.

A dental bridge is generally considered permanent once it has been fixed. However, some dentists will take them out if they are causing problems for you or someone else in your household.

Signs That Your Dental Bridge Needs Repair

Dental bridges in Salt Lake City, UT, are an excellent option for replacing missing teeth. They are designed to be secure and look natural, restoring the smile.

However, even with the best care, some dental bridges may need repair and replacement. Knowing the signs when your bridge needs repairs is vital.

  • Pain or Sensitivity

While dental bridges effectively replace missing teeth, they’re not indestructible. They can be dislodged or damaged by direct trauma or poor oral hygiene.

If you experience pain or sensitivity around your bridge, see your dentist at the first sign of it. This can be a standalone issue or signal decay under one of your anchor teeth. Another common problem is gum disease. This can cause a bacterial infection under your bridge that causes throbbing pain.

Typically, the best treatment for this problem is to replace the bridge with a new dental appliance designed to fit your needs.

If your dentist discovers that a bridge is causing you pain or has a cracked porcelain surface, it may need to be repaired before the damage worsens. Sometimes, the dentist can repair the bridge without removing it, depending on the extent of the damage.

  • Chips or Cracks

The enamel is strong but can chip or crack in certain situations. Biting on hard foods, opening containers with your mouth, or injuries such as a fall can cause chips and cracks in your teeth.

A simple dental bonding procedure lets your dentist quickly fix small chips and cracks. But, if the crack is extensive or has caused damage to your natural tooth, you may need a more intensive treatment like a filling or crown.

If your dental bridge has chips or cracks, the problem will not go away and only worsen if you delay seeking a repair. These little gateways can cause severe infections and pain if not treated.

  • Loose

Loose bridges can cause several problems and often need repair. Visit a dentist near you when you notice your bridge is loose.

A loose bridge can cause a bad bite and pain in the teeth or jaws.

  • Discomfort

If a dental bridge is too large or too small, it can pressure the surrounding natural teeth. This can cause discomfort or pain when biting down or chewing, as the pressure is not distributed evenly across your mouth. An ill-fitting dental bridge can also irritate the gums, as it may rub against them or create spaces where food and bacteria can become trapped. This can lead to inflammation, soreness, or even infection.

How to care for your dental bridges?

After getting tooth bridges in Salt Lake City, UT, keeping them in good condition is crucial.

  • Keep your bridge clean and in good shape. Brushing after each meal and at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush is essential.
  • Do not chew hard candy or gum because it can damage the teeth and gums over time.
  • Avoid hot beverages and foods, which can damage the ceramic or gold surface of the bridge, causing it to chip off or wear down quickly.
  • Get regular visits with your dentist if you have a dental bridge because this will help them check on any problems that may arise.

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