How Wisdom Teeth Are Removed

How Wisdom Teeth Are Removed

Aug 01, 2019

If you have a wisdom tooth that causes pain, chances are that you will need to get it extracted at some point. Most people are nervous about tooth extraction. It can be helpful to understand what happens during the extraction procedure, so that you can remain prepared while getting it done.

Wisdom Teeth Removal, Step by Step

These steps will be followed during your wisdom tooth extraction:

  • Selection and administration of sedation

Dentist will choose the right sedation option for you. It can be either of oral sedation, nitrous oxide, or IV sedation. The IV is usually considered most comfortable as you remain relaxed and don’t remember anything after the procedure.

  • Numbing and imaging

Once the chosen method of sedation begins to show its effects, the dentist begins to numb the wisdom teeth and the surrounding tissues with a local anesthetic.

  • Tissue removal

The surgical part begins here, where the dentist removes the gum tissue covering the area where a wisdom tooth is located. If wisdom tooth is impacted, an incision is required to be made in the tissue for accessing the tooth.

  • Bone removal

If the wisdom tooth is impacted, a high-speed hand piece can be used to drill and remove the bone covering. If the tooth has erupted, the dentist will loosen the connective tissue from around the wisdom tooth.

  • Loosening and sectioning of the tooth

The dentist will then use surgical instruments to loosen the wisdom tooth from connective tissue. He will then cut the tooth into sections for preventing tooth from breaking before removing from the socket.

  • Tooth removal

Once the wisdom tooth is loose or sectioned, the dentist will remove it.

  • Stitches

If the dentist feels that the patient will heal if the stitches are in place, he may take stitches.

  • Recovery

You will slowly recover from the sedation and dentist will give gauze for you to bite down so that blood clots in the area.

After Your Procedure

It’s important to follow the suggestions for recovery given by the dentist, especially for initial 7 to 10 days after the procedure.

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