Denture Alternative – NU Teeth™

For an alternative to conventional dentures, Scott Cold, DDS, your dentist in Salt Lake City, provides NU Teeth™ dentures, a one-day restoration. NU Teeth™ replaces the natural teeth and can replace broken or damaged teeth on the same day that they are removed from the gums. With this same-day denture treatment, you have the option of upgrading to NU Teeth Now™ and NU Teeth Snap™ denture alternative options. You can talk to Dr. Cold about this option of immediate dentures as well as your options to upgrade at a later date.

What are Immediate Dentures?

With conventional dentures, patients must have their mouth and gums measured after the teeth have been lost or removed to have the dentures custom-made to fit comfortably. While this results in a good fit with the dentures, there will be the inconvenience of a period of time in which the patient must function without teeth. NU Teeth™ immediate dentures address this problem by having the dentures ready at the time of teeth removal to eliminate the period in which the patient will be without teeth. Adjustments are usually needed to achieve the best fit with the dentures, but they can be just as effective as conventional dentures.

Why Choose NU Teeth™?

If you are in need of dentures but do not wish to be toothless until they are completed, NU Teeth™ may be the dental solution for you. You can have confidence that Dr. Cold will provide you with high-quality dentures at our dental office near you in Salt Lake City, and you will have the appearance and function restored to your smile.

Procedure for Immediate Dentures

Impressions will be taken of your mouth before any teeth are extracted. Using this information and after creating accurate duplicates for placement, the dentures will be created and ready to be worn after the teeth have been removed. Additional visits may be needed to readjust the dentures for a better fit as the gums usually shrink after extraction. Dr. Cold will closely monitor your healing to ensure that you enjoy the best use out of your NU Teeth™ dentures. You can discuss possibly upgrading to NU Teeth Now™ or NU Teeth Snap™ after you have received your immediate dentures.

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Denture NU Teeth Alternative
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