Lip and Tongue Ties - Frenectomy in Salt Lake City, UT

Laser treatment for lip and tongue ties can help your infant in several ways. At Warm Family Dentistry, we specialize in correcting issues that can cause problems for your baby during development. The procedure, also known as a “frenectomy”, involves releasing the frenum, a thin piece of skin in the mouth, to allow for a wider range of motion for the baby’s tongue. It is designed to help with conditions babies are commonly born with that restrict movement and make breastfeeding difficult.

Common problems that can occur when babies have restricted movement in the mouth include:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Inability to breastfeed
  • Slowed weight gain
  • Problems bonding with the mother
  • Difficulty when introduced to solid foods

Helps Mother & Child

The mother may experience pain, damage to the nipples, blocked ducts, pain when latching, a sense of failure, loss of sleep, mastitis, and other problems associated with tongue-tied infants and other conditions that cause lip or tongue restrictions. Warm Family Dentistry can perform the procedure and make breastfeeding a more pleasant experience for both mother and child.

Infants Immediately Benefit

It is fast, painless, and bloodless. There is no need for local anesthesia, stitches, or even a visit to the hospital. Your baby will heal phenomenally and will not need to be put on antibiotics after the procedure is completed. Infants can get the procedure done when they are as young as 2 days old, so do not wait to contact our dentist in 84123 if you are experiencing pain or difficulty breastfeeding.

Our dental office in Salt Lake City, UT has experienced dental staff that is trained in laser treatment for lip & tongue ties. We recommend that mothers bring their infants into the office so that the baby can breastfeed after the surgery. This ensures that the laser treatment worked, and your child can get the nutrition they need with less pain to the mother.

Contact Warm Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment today for your infant. We can provide comprehensive laser treatment for lip and tongue ties to make breastfeeding more efficient and less painful. Your child can get a proper supply of milk with this simple, quick, and painless procedure.

Our dentist in Salt Lake City, Utah, also serves as a notable dentist serving Murray, Kearns, and Taylorsville.


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