The Wand

Single Tooth Anesthesia

The Wand STA – Single Tooth Anesthesia

Do you dread a traumatic visit to the Dentist? Don’t care to wince through painful needle injections?  Do you detest the feeling of your face sliding off after you leave?  Not being able to eat for hours… or chewing on your cheeks and tongue if you try?

Well, it seems Dr. Cold is a warm-hearted guy after all! By staying abreast of the latest advances, techniques, and equipment… Warm Family Dentistry is all about creating a pain-free, stress-free experience while taking care of business.

What is “The Wand STA”?

The Wand is a nickname for the Single Tooth Anesthesia system from Milestone Scientific. The Wand is a computer assisted anesthesia system. Few advancements have made so many Dentists and Patients quite so happy.

The wand allows Dr. Cold to painlessly numb just the tooth that needs it, in the precise location, at the precise rate, in the precise amount, for a surprisingly different dental experience.

Single Tooth Anesthesia is wonderful because the pain is essentially a thing of the past, and you numb only the tooth or teeth that are to be treated rather than numbing half of your jaw or face just to treat a few teeth. This gets you back to your activities in a much better mood with a lot less down time.

So give us a call at (801) 965-9898 and let’s schedule your painless treatment today!