Treating Lip and Tongue Ties

Treating Lip and Tongue Ties

May 01, 2021

The last decade or two has seen a development in modern dentistry. Apart from tasting the food, the tongue helps to speak distinctly. The tongue is a muscular organ in the oral cavity covered by mucosa covered with moist pink tissues. The papillae are tiny bumps that give a rough texture to the tongue. The papillae also house thousands of tastebuds.

What are Lip and Tongue Ties?

The lip and tongue tie, also known as ankyloglossia, is prevalent mainly among children since their birth. The tongue and lips develop when the baby is in its mother’s womb due to gene mutation. Lip and tongue tie arises due to a congenital condition in which the shorter than usual frenulum restricts the tongue’s ability to function correctly.

The frenulum is a small band of tough tissues that connect the bottom of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. In general, the frenulum recedes and thins before a baby is born. But genital issues might restrict the receding of the frenulum and restrict the tongue’s normal movement and functionality. Tip and tongue ties are more common in boys than in girls, and lip and tongue ties treatment can restore the tongue’s standard functionality.

Identifying Lip and Tongue Ties

Lip and tongue ties issues are visible and might be identified by the mother while breastfeeding the child. The child would experience difficulty lifting or moving the tongue with the frenum, clearly restricting the movement. A firm film of tissue might also be visible at the junction of the tongue and the mouth’s floor.

The degree of lip and tongue ties varies, and short, tight tongue ties can be difficult to spot. The pediatrician or primary care doctor of your child can help in such a diagnosis. Several lip and tongue ties services are available to treat such issues with expertise. The mother or anyone taking care of the child might notice the shortness of a heart-shaped tongue while trying to move it.

Symptoms of Lip and Tongue Ties

Mostly prevalent among the children, the prominent symptoms of lip and tongue ties include:

  • Difficulties in swallowing.
  • Impaired speech.
  • Restricted movement of the tongue.
  • Difficulties in breastfeeding.
  • Difficulties in sticking the tongue out of the mouth.
  • Problems in licking food.
  • Difficulties in breathing while eating.
  • Making a clicking sound while nursing.

The Complications of Lip and Tongue Ties

Lip and tongue ties procedure is necessary to reduce the complications that arise due to this syndrome. Babies with severe tongue and lip ties find it difficult to gain weight. Such children would need supplements for weight gain. If the lip and tongue ties are not treated, babies will experience eating from a spoon even after growing older.

Lip and tongue ties can lead to major dental ailments in the future. Pediatric dentists believe that untreated lip and tongue ties would offer hindrance in proper cleaning of the oral cavity. Dental decay can be a common dental ailment with poor oral hygiene.

The Treatment

Often the severity of difficulties with lip and tongue ties leads to the decision of treatment. Some dentists might adopt the wait-and-watch approach, but in most cases, it is not recommended. In most cases, the pediatric dentist would opt for surgical treatment.

Frenotomy, also known as a frenectomy, is the surgical procedure recommended to treat lip and tongue ties. Frenectomy is a simple procedure that involves some simple aftercare. After the insertion is made, the parent or caregiver has to stretch the tissue physically that has been cut or lasered to prevent the tissue from regrowing.

Frenectomy is performed to remove one or both the frenal from the mouth to facilitate free movement of the tongue. Frenectomy is the surgery of soft tissues, and some degree of pain is average, but the recovery is quick.

The Dentist

Although the child’s mother or immediate caregivers can identify the lip and tongue ties, you need to visit the dentist for comprehensive treatment of lip and tongue ties. Warm Family Dentist provide cashless treatment and accepts insurances from most firms. We offer a $39 new patient package that offers comprehensive dental examination and x-ray. You may book an appointment to know more.

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