WaterLase Technology in Laser Dentistry

WaterLase Technology in Laser Dentistry

Jan 01, 2020

Technology continues to be a vital part of society today. The medical field is one that has experienced a lot of advances thanks to innovation and technology. In dentistry, any new technology that can introduce better treatment options for patients is warmly embraced. Over the years there is a lot that has improved in dentistry, including the use of laser technology to correct different dental problems.

More About WaterLase Technology

A WaterLase system is an alternative to traditional dental tools used in performing different dental procedures. You know how you get overly anxious over the thought of getting your mouth drilled during dental works? Well, WaterLase laser dentistry in Salt Lake City, UT takes away the need to drill. It is a safe and gentle way of performing dental works without drilling.

The natural water-powered technology uses a water-energized laser beam to make incisions through gm tissues of patients, and even bones. It works by using a combination of a laser beam and water or air spray to cut through tissues of the body. Technically, the tooth is partially made of water. When the laser is used on a patient’s mouth, it excites the water molecules thereof. It then cuts open the target area, getting through the gum tissue to as far as the bones.

the process allows for proper hydration of the tooth throughout the procedure since the treatment is powered by water sprays and water. The hydration process prevents the area from heating up. This ensures a more painless experience than with traditional drilling methods. It offers a lot of precision on the target area. The best part is that the laser energy will avoid any direct contact with your mouth, for a comfortable experience.

Why Would You Choose WaterLase Technology?

If you have dental anxiety, then it is a no brainer that you would prefer the laser treatment over the traditional drill methods. Even then, you still need some more information to convince you over which method is more favorable for you. In the spirit of embracing new technology, here are some of the advantages of WaterLase technology:

  • Painless procedure – with traditional drilling methods, it is mandatory to have local anesthesia during some procedures. For example, with root canal therapy in Salt Lake City, the process will be painful without local anesthesia to numb the area. However, with this laser technology, the procedure is more or less painless. Even though some discomfort might be experienced, the need for local anesthesia is not necessary. This works because the laser technology does not get into direct contact with your mouth. Besides, this laser technology is very precise in the target area, which prevents damaging surrounding tissues.
  • Non-invasive procedure – even the term ‘drill’ already indicates the possibility of invasion through the dental works. The WaterLase treatment is as non-invasive as can be. It works on the specific target area without causing harm to the surrounding tissues.
  • Little recovery time – you know how dental implant recovery can take too long after the procedure? With laser treatment intervention, the healing time is shorter and quicker than with traditional methods. Given that little or no harm is caused to the surrounding tissues, you only need to heal on the affected area.
  • Efficiency and longevity of the treatment – you may need to spend a couple of hours on the dentist’s chair when traditional drilling is in use. However, laser technology speeds things up. WaterLase operates at 100 pulses per second. This allows it to cover a wider area in a short time than the tip of a dental drill would in the same amount of time. That said, you can have multiple dental works performed on your mouth in a single dental visit.
  • Say goodbye to dental anxiety – your anxiety for getting any dental work done is based on pain, and noises. With traditional drills, the drilling noises, as well as the pain that comes with the process, can be daunting. This is not the case with WaterLase technology. The technology is anchored toward a painless and calm dental experience.
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