Aug 01, 2021

Dentures are removable false teeth. They are made to replace your natural teeth that you have lost due to tooth decay or injury.

Dentures can improve your facial aesthetics and smile, help you chew food with zero pain, and protect the rest of your teeth from getting cracked or damaged. Dentures are known to last long. However, they still need to be maintained and inspected at regular intervals. If you have a denture, it means you would occasionally need to repair it and undergo a denture reline procedure from time to time. There are certain things that you can do to make dentures more durable and they are;

  • Use Denture Adhesive: Before getting used to them, dentures can slip into your mouth. For this reason, it is advisable to use denture adhesive to help you put them in place.
  • Take Care of Your Dentures: Although modern dentures last longer, it is important to note that dentures do not last forever and should be handled with care. When you want to remove them from your mouth, do so with care because if they fall they can break or bend.
  • Give Your Mouth a Break: Dentures can cause irritation and soreness. Before you sleep, remove your dentures so that the tissues in your mouth can have time to heal.
  • Clean Your Dentures Daily: The fact that you use dentures does not mean that you shouldn’t care about keeping them clean. Treat your dentures like you would treat your teeth. Clean them with denture cleaner or toothpaste.
  • Watch For Fitting Changes: The gums and bones in your mouth can change form with time and this can make your denture loosen. A loose denture can mean you have gum disease. It can also lead to inflammation, sores, burning, and pain. Visit your denturist once you notice that your dentures are loose so that they can have them fixed.
  • Never Use Hot Water: Soaking or rinsing your dentures in hot water can change their fits. Once this happens, you would need to repair your dentures or get new ones.
  • Be Patient With Your Dentures: When you first start using your dentures, you might find it a little bit difficult to eat or speak. However, the difficulty reduces as you get used to them.


It is used to help you fix any damage in your dentures. If there is a crack or teeth detached in your denture, denture repair will help you sort that out. Even if you take care of your dentures regularly, you would still need to repair them eventually. This is because micro-fractures and normal wear and tear can occur and put extra pressure on your dentures. This will lead to the micro-fractures becoming more visible.

A denture reline is done using a denture reline kit to make your denture fit better in your mouth by reshaping the surface that rests against your gums. This process must be done at an annual or biannual interval because the soft tissue in your mouth is constantly changing shape. Denture reline helps make your denture perform properly and fit well.

If you notice that your speech, denture performance, or comfort is no longer what it used to be, contact your denture care provider to know whether you need a denture reline or repair. The following symptoms indicate that you need a denture reline or repair;

  • Foul-smelling dentures, even when you have a very hygienic habit.
  • Discomfort when you wear your dentures.
  • Sore spots on your mouth.
  • Visible damage or cracks.
  • Eating foods you normally eat becomes difficult.
  • Whistling or slurred speech.
  • Slipping dentures.

What Happens During a Denture Reline and Repair?

The first thing that your provider does before you get a denture repair or a denture reline is to inspect your dentures and your mouth. Any visible denture damage will firstly be repaired to prevent more damage from occurring again. If your provider notices any oral health conditions, recommendations will be given to you on how to address them.

There are two times of denture relines, soft reline and hard reline. The denture reline material that your provider uses in a soft reline is softer than that of a hard reline.

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