What is Sleep Apnea?

What is Sleep Apnea?

Mar 16, 2019

Sleep apnea is a chronic disorder that affects millions of people but they hardly know about it. Dentists say that when a patient is suffering from sleep apnea, he/she stops breathing for few seconds while sleeping. Each breathing pause can be defined as apnea. Sleep apnea may cause several other issues and thus treatment at right time is essential. When best sleep apnea treatment is to be obtained, one may consults dentist at Warm Family Dentistry.

How Often Does It Happen?

The apnea may last for about 10 seconds which happens in fixed interval throughout the night when the patient is sleeping. Many patients can experience 5 to 30 apneas in just a single hour of night. This causes abnormal breathing.

Why Does Sleep Apnea Happen?

In the sleep apnea patient, the tongue around the soft tissue rest at the throat area due to muscle relaxation and gravity while sleeping. When this happens, it obstructs the normal airflow in the mouth. This condition may be known as sleep apnea. When it slowly exceed because of aging or excessive alcohol intake, it may cause severe health issues.

What Are The Consequences of Untreated Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder which may cause several issues like snoring, prolonged sleepiness, and multiple nightmares. When sleep apnea is left untreated for a longer period, it may cause severe health issues like

  • Poor memory and forgetful
  • Choking or breath issues during sleep
  • Frequent headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity and diabetes.
  • Coronary artery disease.

What Are My Treatment Options?

CPAP Continuous Positive Airway Pressure – A machine is used to regulate air flow in mouth while sleeping.

COAT – Continuous Open Airway Therapy – Oral device is used to move lower jaw to keep airway open.

How Do I Start My Treatment?

If you feel that you have symptoms of sleep apnea you must consult a physician or a dentist at Warm Family Dentistry as soon as possible. Depending upon the issues and the sleep study, he can suggest required treatment and its tenure.

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