What Is Waterlase Laser and Why Is It Used in Dentistry?

What Is Waterlase Laser and Why Is It Used in Dentistry?

Jun 01, 2022

Technology has seen the development of Waterlase laser dentistry which is used to care for your dental health. Waterlase is an alternative to traditional drilling used in dentistry, and this means the dentist in Taylorsville, UT, does not have to use anesthesia when performing most routine dental procedures.

The traditional drill used during dental procedures creates vibration, pressure, and heat that is not comfortable to deal with during the treatment process. This is different from the Waterlase laser. First, we will answer some of your questions concerning this type of laser dentistry.

How Does Waterlase Laser Work?

This laser treatment uses a water stream and a beam of power generated by a laser. This laser is then used to reshape bone, restructure gum tissues and remove tooth decay with precision.

What’s more is that this Waterlase laser dentistry in Salt Lake City, UT, can cut through both soft and hard tissues like the gum and teeth tissue. This is because the combination of water with energy produces a unique wavelength that is strong enough to cut through the surfaces.

The technology used in Waterlase laser dentistry makes it different from the typical driller. This is because Waterlase laser dentistry uses technology that produces water spray and comfortable air when drilling your tooth. This makes your treatment procedure better than when the dentist uses the regular drill.

What Are the Uses of Waterlase Lasers?

Waterlase laser dentistry in Taylorsville, UT, is used for the same purpose as the traditional drills. This means that this type of laser dentistry is used for general and cosmetic dental procedures.

The first treatment procedure that dentists use Waterlase laser is when removing dental caries. The lasers in Waterlase technology can remove tooth decay from your teeth with ease and precision. This is because the machine does not create vibrations like the regular drill.

Dentists also use Waterlase laser treatment when preparing your tooth for the cavity treatment. The technology used in Waterlase allows the dentist to deal with the damaged areas in your tooth without invading the healthy areas. This technology has increased precision and improved the quality of work done.

Soft tissue treatment is also possible with Waterlase treatment. This includes treatments like gum contouring, gingivectomy, crown lengthening, and flap procedure treatment have all become easier and less painful to perform thanks to the invention of Waterlase laser treatment. In addition to that, this laser treatment is less invasive than the traditional drills that were earlier used, reducing the infection rate after the treatment process.

Now that we have looked at some uses of Waterlase laser treatment, here are some benefits of this laser dentistry.

First, it reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Waterlase laser technology works with no contact between the machine and your tooth. This reduces the risk of transferring bacteria from one patient to another.

Moreover, this laser treatment is more precise than regular drilling. This is because the laser used is directed to work on the areas that are only required. This is also beneficial when reducing the healing period as only a small area of your tooth is invaded compared to when using the typical drill, which damages most of the tooth area.

Waterlase laser dentistry is cost-effective. This means that you will not be charged more than what you would typically pay when undergoing treatment with the regular drill. The advantage is that you will pay the same for a safer and more precise treatment.

Is Laser Dentistry Less Painful?

Typically, laser dentistry is less painful than the typical drill that starts with needles, as you have to be injected with anesthesia to make the treatment less painful. The good news is that laser dentistry is less painful. There is minimal contact using the laser drills, meaning less pressure is exerted on your teeth. This means there will be less bleeding and pain in your gums and teeth.

What’s more, is there will be less swelling as less pressure is used with laser dentistry. This ensures you have a faster recovery period. Visit Warm Family Dentistry, and we will work on your tooth and restore your oral health and smile in no time.

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